“Working with T Bank on the purchase of my business was one of the easiest processes I have been through. I have purchased several businesses with real estate in the past and T Bank’s process was by far the smoothest I have ever been through. From the beginning working with Audrey Wendel all the way through closing went as planned. Terri French was extremely accommodating on getting the accounts set up. I highly recommend T Bank and their people for any business.”

Tony Kell
Dungans Floors
2306 Virginia Parkway
McKinney, TX 75071

“I’m writing this out of frustration to say thanks. We have been working with another lender on a practice buy in, including a real estate refinance. The process has been excruciating for both the clients involved and myself. We began the process in June, and the loans are still not funded. This situation makes me appreciate your team even more. I know when you are handling our clients’ financing needs, the process will be painless and fast. The loan process at T Bank is the easiest out there. We appreciate all your team does to make the process so painless and efficient!”

Jessica M. Nunn, CPA
M. White & Associates, L.L.C.

“My family has various businesses and we have chosen to utilize T Bank’s competent staff in several of them. Most of the family also utilize these same services for our Personal needs. In today’s world of regulations and bureaucracy, we are often told things can’t be done or will take a lot of time. T Bank does business the old fashion way and ALWAYS finds a way to accommodate our needs.”

Michael Pidgeon
Starpower Home Entertainment Systems, Inc.

“I deal with T Bank both from a personal and business perspective and generally I have a low regard for banks. We deal with a lot of them in our business so we have wide exposure to what banks offer and do. So why do I like T Bank so much? Firstly their branch is wherever you happen to be.  Most banks are open during regular business hours, which is precisely when I don’t have time to see them.  T Bank comes to our office or house and takes care of our banking needs at our location, when it suits us.  This saves massively on time and hassle.  They helped set up the systems so our team could do most of the banking online and not have to wait for them. Their fees are competitive and services are as flexible as banks are allowed to be. 

Being a small bank you get the best personal service that most private banks try, but fail to emulate- we know we work with many of them.  You can use any ATM around the  country for free, their team is flexible, with a can do attitude, whereas most banks are ruled by bureaucratic processes that prevent business versus helping it. Terri French I will single out as probably the best personal and business banker I have ever worked with. She taught my kids how to open accounts, manage them and which ones to use when. She talked our CFO through different options, security and management of our business accounts.  She comes to our office when we need to do anything related to banking or just talk through options. 

So if you are busy and have little time for bank bureaucracy and need a bank that comes to you, to try to work in a way that banks should work, i.e. adapting around your needs and business requirements, then T Bank is one you should seriously look at. Frankly the best bank I have met yet in terms of giving both my company and my family the banking service we need.”

Daen Wombwell
CEO NIW Companies Inc
4975 Preston Park Blvd
Plano, Texas 75093

“Since 2009, I am pleased to say I have been a very happy T Bank business customer.  From setting up several SBA loans, business loans and finally personal loans, T Bank has been there to meet my needs.  When I was first starting my business, I was stunned to have the vice-president of the bank call me on New Year’s Day to help navigate the various features of the on-line usage of T Bank’s website.  She knew that I was overwhelmed during the normal business day with getting our business established and she decided to help me on her day off without my asking! 

Whether you are in Florida (like I am) or Colorado (like I was), I can’t think of a better business partner than T Bank.”

Sam Morton, Owner
The Goddard School

“We run a 24/7, global operation. It is a time-critical environment that requires accuracy and responsiveness. T Bank has been an excellent partner in supporting our unique needs from both a business banking and liquidity perspective. Terri French and the T Bank team are great copilots that help to keep our wheels up on a daily basis.”

Mark Blakely
Chief Financial Officer
Mountain Aviation