Tax Reporting


Tax Reporting

Tax information for taxable accounts is sent directly to the client or their tax preparer as instructed. Check this page for the global status of the transmittal of this information.

K-1 Forms

For those Personal Trust accounts participating in the T Bank sponsored Common Trust Funds, the annual K-1 forms will be mailed in early March each year for the following tax year. These K-1 forms must be included with your personal 1040 tax return for proper reporting to the IRS. Be sure you include the K-1s to avoid tax issues with the IRS.  If the forms have not been received by late March, please contact

If Cain, Watters & Associates prepares your personal tax returns, copies of the forms have been provided to them.

1099 Forms

1099 DIV, INT, and B forms will be mailed by February 15th, each year. If you have not received these forms by February 25th, please contact us via Trust support. 1099-B tax forms include cost basis information.

1099-R forms for retirement plan distributions will be mailed by January 31. These are only for those participants who received a distribution from a tax deferred retirement plan.

5498 Forms: Annual IRA reporting

These annual forms are mailed before the end of May each year. These are not used in reporting on your personal tax return. The IRS utilizes the information on contributions and distributions to compare to your return.

Tax Form Questions

If you have a question on a T Bank provided tax form, please contact us at

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